What does it cost to E.A.T.?

Efficiency, Automation, Time Saving

Take the first step towards optimizing your business processes and maximizing efficiency. Explore our pricing options and select the package that best aligns with your timeline and budget.

Full Service Packages

Full-Service Packages:

  • 3 Week Delicacy:


  • Tasty Two Weeks:


  • 1 Week Fast & Flavorful:


Description and Benefits:

  • Includes building, testing, and revising automations, as well as creating training videos tailored to your needs.

  • Prices vary based on the timeline, with faster turnaround times incurring higher costs.

We understand that urgency can be a priority, and we offer faster turnaround times at a higher price to accommodate those needs. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail remains constant, regardless of the timeline you choose. Rest assured, our team will work diligently to deliver a solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Automation is the process of using technology to perform tasks and processes automatically, without the need for manual intervention. It involves creating systems and workflows that can execute repetitive or time-consuming actions on their own.

A La Carte

Savory Selection Cost:

  • Flat rate of $225 per automation.

Description and Benefits:

  • Includes expert building, testing, and training videos for each automation.

  • Ideal for businesses seeking a more customized approach or gradually implementing automations.

  • Provides flexibility to choose specific automations based on your requirements and budget.

In addition to our full-service pricing options, we also offer a flexible per-automation cost for those who prefer a more gradual approach to their CRM automation needs. Whether you have specific automations in mind or want to gradually implement them into your business, our per-automation pricing ensures you have the flexibility to select the solutions that align with your objectives.

This per-automation pricing option allows you to tailor your CRM automation journey based on your specific requirements and budget. You can choose to implement a single automation or gradually introduce multiple automations over time, all while receiving the same high-quality service and support from our experienced team.

Unleash the potential of your business with our per-automation pricing. Start optimizing your operations, enhancing productivity, and achieving greater efficiency, one automation at a time. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and embark on a CRM automation journey that's perfectly tailored to your business.